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"I started my weight loss program on November 2. I set a huge goal for myself to lose 60 lbs. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could even lose that much. I was recommended a 26 week program and then chose to add the Quickstart Program to get off to a faster start. I lost 19.5 pounds in the first 3 weeks!! Talk about motivation! By the end of the 26 week program I lost a total of 61 pounds!! I have lost 36.75 inches and went from a size 18 to a size 6 – and even a size 4 in some clothes!! I also just bought a bikini for the summer. The continuous support and strategies I learned from Jeanette were a huge help. When I started the program I thought I had a good understanding of food and nutrition, but I learned so much from her. By using what I was taught I was even able to continue my weight loss through the Holiday Season (Yes, over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s)! In February I saw a group of friends that I had not seen in a few months and they literally didn’t recognize me. It was awesome! People look at my ‘before’ pictures and ask me,'Is that you?!' and I proudly answer, 'Nope. That WAS me. THIS is me!'"

 - Jenn from Hopkins, MN

"I started my weight loss journey in November, about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Probably one of the most difficult times to start a diet plan but for me it was an “If I don’t do this now will I ever?” moment. To my surprise I started losing weight! Every week it would be a little more and then a little more. Now, 6 months later I have lost a total of 51 pounds!! There are weeks when I don’t lose anything, weeks that I gain a couple of pounds, and weeks when I lose 5 pounds. But the best part is that the entire staff is there to encourage and support me. They always ask questions about my progress and any challenges I might face and are there for some high fives when I lose a few pounds. I really don’t think I would have made it this far if it wasn’t for the way I get treated every time I walk in there. Kudos to the entire staff for never making me feel like another overweight person doing yet another diet plan."

 - April from Chaska, MN

"I am a 37 year-old wife and mother of two little girls. Given my weight loss history, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. I had low expectations, especially since exercise was minimal in this program. I always thought I ate fairly healthy, but no matter how I exercised, the weight wouldn’t come off. Stepping on the scale and seeing myself 5 pounds from 200 was NOT a good feeling. I decided I needed to do something different. I needed to show my girls a better example. After sitting down with Affinity’s staff we worked out a program that was right for me. It is hard to believe that just by changing my food habits how easily the weight came off! Between the nutritional counselor keeping me on track and implementing some good lifestyle changes I lost 21 pounds!"

 - Carrie from Crystal, MN

"I’ve struggled to lose weight over the last 5 years. I have tried many, many different diets and weight loss programs. The most I was ever able to lose was 10 pounds, then I would just stop losing and become frustrated. I have been doing Affinity Medical Group’s medical weight loss program now for 8 weeks. I have lost 22 pounds so far!! To say that I am excited is a huge understatement! I feel great and my clothes fit so much better. In fact, I need to go shopping because most of my old clothes are now too big! I really feel like I have been educated on how to eat properly and I haven’t even had the sugar and carb cravings that I usually have. I’m looking forward to losing more weight and keeping it off long term. I never really had a plan to do that before. I do now!"

 - Val from New Hope, MN

"Prior to starting with Affinity Medical Weight Loss, I had been working with a personal trainer 4 days a week to get help with weight loss and fitness. Six months later I was out a lot of money but no weight was lost. I was discouraged. Then I saw the ad saying exercise is only 20% of losing weight and I called and came in. I decided to try the 14-week program and I was able to lose most of the weight I wanted to. It was helpful to me and I would do it again and recommend someone to try it. I lost 23.5 pounds in 14 weeks. Do it. It works!"

 - Laura from Minneapolis, MN

"I have lost 16 pounds and 5.75 inches since beginning the weight loss program less than a month ago. I had a few challenges come up in the beginning, but Jeannette and the other staff helped me come up with some great strategies for them. I am very happy with the program and my results so far."

 - Jackie from Otsego, MN


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